Café East Sampler $13

2 Ribs, 2 Chicken Pot Stickers, 3 Crab Rangoon and a Crawfish Spring Roll

Crab Cake  $6.50

With lime chili plum sauce

Seared Ahi Tuna  $8

Served with green with balsamic vinaigrette

Goat Cheese Gyoza Ravioli  $6.60

Served with goat cheese  lemongrass dressing

Edamame $4

Freshly steamed Chinese green soybean tossed with five spices sea salt

Café East Egg Roll $2

Prepared daily with pork and vegetables served with lime plum sauce

Crawfish Spring Roll $2.50

Louisiana crawfish, vegetables and vermicelli served with spicy sweet chili sauce

Café East Pork Ribs $7.25

With west-east style barbeque sauce

Chicken Pot Sticker $5.50

Pan fried served with ginger garlic, soy vinaigrette

Szechuan Dumpling $5.50

Pork, shrimp and vegetable filled, sauté with sesame peanut sauce

Caribbean Phyllo Crusted Prawns $6.25

Served with mango puree and guacamole

Foo Foo Lettuce Wrap $6.50

Diced chicken breast with waterchestnuts,
carrot and onions served with fresh lettuce cups

Wok Fried Calamari $5.75

Served with field of green and lime chili plum sauce

Duck Crepes $6.25

Roast duck served with fresh mango, cucumber in hoisin port sauce

Crab Rangoon $5

Served with coconut dressing